Email account disk usage showing incorrectly

Hello Friends,

Good to meet you all after quite a long time and I am very happy about it. Today, I am going to discuss another issue which I faced with cPanel stats. The issue is described below:
cPanel shows conflicting information regarding total disk space used and total
E-mail folder size.
The user has several E-mail accounts.

In this particular case under “Stats” the Disk space usage is ~ 50MB.
In Mail -> E-mail accounts I see two accounts, 100MB and 350MB large!

I did a du on the server in his Mail folder and got back ~ 5MB. A du in his home folder shows about the same as what is shown under Stats.

Here in this issue, the user faces some issues with the stats being showed in cPanel >> Email accounts . The email account usage showing in the cPanel  is different from what we get while executing the du -sch command on mail folder.

You need to run the following commands to fix this problem.
Script used : /scripts/generate_maildirsize
Syntax :  /scripts/generate_maildirsize –confirm –allaccounts –verbose $USER

You need to replace $USER with the cpanel username to run it for only one cPanel account.

I hope you are finding my posts useful.  See you soon in my next post. Have a great day !! 😉 🙂 🙂


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