Access Denied – PHPMyAdmin Error

Hello Friends,
We might have come across this error when we access PHPMyAdmin page from cPanel.

Access Denied

Unable to establish a PHP session.

If you believe that this is in error or inadvertent, contact your system administrator and ask them to review your server settings.

cpaneld/ Server at

I got a lot of solutions online regarding this error. All of the stated the following:
1) Check the permission and ownership of tmp folder in the location /home/user  , where ‘user’ is the cpanel username.
root@server [/home/user]# ls -la | grep tmp
drwx——   8 root root  4096 Apr  1  2013 tmp/
2) The permission of tmp folder should be 755.
root@server [/home/user]# chmod 755 tmp
3. The ownership of tmp folder should be username.
root@server [/home/user]# chown user.  tmp

But for me it didn’t help.  Later I detected that the issue was due to Exceeded Disk quota. Due to this the cPanel was not able to write the session files onto /home/user/tmp folder. So increasing the Disk quota fixed the issue for me. So next time when you get this error, do not forget to check the Disk Quota Status of the account as well.

All izz well 😉 🙂  Have a Great Day !!!!!


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