Important cPanel Scripts


We used to do a lot of things so easily just by clicking on the buttons and links in WHM everyday. Let us see how same can be done from Command line using Cpanel Scripts.

1) Add a Wheel user
/scripts/adduser wheel1 /home wheel@123

2) Add a mysql user
/scripts/mysqladduserdb mysqluser password

3) Whitelist an IP in Cphulkd
/scripts/cphulkdwhitelist IP-address

4) To blacklist an IP in cphulkd
/scripts/cphulkdblacklist IP-address

5) To terminate a cpanel account :
/scripts/killacct username

This one will soon be changed to removeacct in furute versions of Cpanel.

6) To suspend an account:
/scripts/suspendacct username

7) To unsuspend an account:
/scripts/unsuspendacct username

8) To edit the cpanel user quota:
/scripts/editquota username 512M
/scripts/editquota username 5000M

9) To find hacks

10) Now service management
The * symbol can be replaced by any of the following service names:
apache               Restarts the Apache web server.
bind                     Restarts the BIND nameserver software.
chkservd           Restarts cPanel’s TailWatch log processing service.
clamd                  Restarts the ClamAV antivirus software.
courier               Restarts the Courier mail server.
cpdavd               Restarts cPanel’s WebDAV server.
cphulkd              Restarts cPHulk.
cpsrvd                Restarts the cpsrvd daemon.
crond                  Restarts the crond daemon.
dovecot             Restarts the Dovecot mail server.
exim                    Restarts the Exim mail exchanger.
ftpd                     Restarts the configured FTP service (ProFTPd or Pure-FTPd).
httpd                  Restarts the Apache web server.
imap                   Restarts the IMAP server (Courier or Dovecot).
inetd                   Restarts the super-server daemon that manages Internet services.
ipaliases            Restarts the IP address aliasing software.
mailman            Restarts Mailman.
mydns                Restarts the MyDNS server.
mysql                  Restarts the MySQL database server.
named                Restarts the BIND nameserver software.
postgres            Restarts the PostgreSQL database service.
proftpd              Restarts the ProFTPd server daemon.
pureftpd           Restarts the Pure-FTPd server daemon.
spamd                Restarts the Apache SpamAssassin™ daemon.
sshd                    Restarts the Secure shell daemon.
tailwatchd        Restarts cPanel’s TailWatch log processing service.
tomcat               Restarts the Apache Tomcat service.

eg: /scripts/restartsrv_dovecot        to restart Dovecot service.

11) Install CPAN/perl modules

12) Install PHP extensions

-bash-3.2# /scripts/phpextensionmgr list
Available Extensions:
To install an Extension use the exact name in the extension list shown above:
/scripts/phpextensionmgr install Zendopt
To uninstall an extension:
/scripts/phpextensionmgr uninstall Zendopt

13) To install Ruby

14) To install PostGreSQL

15) Install GD

16) Install Imagemagick

17) Install IPC Cache

18) Install Zend Optimizer

19) Install SQLite

20) Switching between Courier and dovecot mail servers
/scripts/convert2courier – To switch to Courier IMAP server.
/scripts/convert2dovecot – To Switch to Dovecot IMAP server.

21) Your Webalizer stoped updating?

22) To genearte the CSR and Certificate file:

23) Check IP address Usage:

24) Disable SpamAssassin server wide:

25) Change MySQL password for a mySQL user:

I hope you find this post useful. Thank you. Have a great day 🙂 🙂


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